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Here's Everything Included with My Local CRM:

Automation & Workflows

Automate your businesses’ marketing processes, such as email and SMS marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and segmentation.

Pipeline Management

A customizable sales funnel for your pipeline management system that allows businesses to manage their sales process, track their deals, and analyze their performance.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics tools to track your marketing performance, measure ROI, and identify areas for improvement

Appointment Scheduling

Businesses can use this app
to schedule appointments with their leads and customers, and send automated reminders and follow-up messages.


A comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) system that helps businesses manage their leads, customers, and sales process.

Automation & Workflows

Automate your businesses’ marketing processes, such as email and SMS marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and segmentation.

Everything You Need Is Right Here In One Application

Stay connected with your clients effortlessly and supercharge your marketing campaigns with our powerful automation tools

Take your lead management to the next level and make follow-ups a breeze!

Take the hassle out of scheduling appointments and ensure you never miss a meeting again with our intuitive tool.

Seamlessly connect with a world of tools and services, turning us into your ultimate hub for business management.

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Unlock the potential of your business with these add-on services:

Digital Marketing

Unlock Australian Digital Marketing's 20 years of expertise! Elevate your online presence and stand out in the digital world. Tailored strategies for all businesses – local, national, or online stores. Partner with My Local Pages today!

Social Media

Elevate your brand's social media presence with My Local Pages. We blend authenticity and strategy to engage your audience through compelling content. Explore tailored social media options for your business with us.

SEO - Google Boost

With 20+ years of SEO success, My Local Pages' Australian Digital Marketing offers astute strategies to boost your Google ranking. Our SEO delivers top search results, ensuring your business is found when customers are ready to buy.

Sales/Lead Funnels

Our custom Sales Funnels streamline client acquisition, gathering detailed prospect information. We build relationships, nurture engagement, and convert prospects into loyal customers. Our custom Funnel ensures a consistent flow of leads to your business.

Website Builds

MyLocalPages plans and builds effective websites, optimizing each element to benefit your business. We create user-friendly, purpose-driven sites that lead customers on a path to purchase, forging valuable relationships and opening doors to new opportunities!

Google Ads

We ensure precise, cost-effective campaigns and excel in precise targeting for effective Google Ads. Connect with potential customers actively seeking your offerings. We help you position your message optimally in the digital marketplace, reducing unnecessary costs.

Virtual Staffing

MyLocalPages offers top-notch Virtual Assistant Staffing services. Harness our expertise to streamline your business operations with our skilled virtual assistants. Let us handle your tasks efficiently, saving you time and resources. Boost productivity today!

Featured Business Promo

MyLocalPages' Featured Business Promotion offer cost-effective regional visibility. We highlight your business, services, and products, attracting genuine customers. Trust us to boost your local business effectively.
We'll ensure your local business gets the attention it deserves!

While your competitors (and your clients’ competitors) fumble around with expensive software that eat away at their bottom line…

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Client Testimonials

Creative & Flawless Execution

Creative and flawless execution with a sense of urgency and focus on results is how I'd describe Ezi Digital Marketing.

Mrs. Linda - Group Head of Digital Communications

Ezi Digital Marketing has been invaluable

Ezi Digital Marketing has been invaluable. They understand our brand and have given my ideas new life in social media obsessed world.

Pam Hurley - Hurley Write Inc.

Great Support & Guidance

Thank you so much for all your help! We so enjoyed working with you, and you guys were a great help when we were in dire need!

Robin Colbeck - Marketing Communications Manager

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